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Inclusive Swimming Aqua Culture Swim



Aqua Cutlure Swim Inclusive Swimming Lessons

INCLUSIVE BOOKINGS ARE AVAILABLE!  Private and group classes are available on Wednesday afternoons.

Select 'Book Now' to create your account and book a lesson or give us a call to find out more.

Purposefully created classes designed for those with a disability, challenges processing instruction or sensory/behavioural needs who require additional support and a higher teacher-to-student ratio. Classes will be structured with reference to each individual student's screening form, provided by the parent/carer.


We offer a weekly sensory-friendly experience and a large number of private and group classes with a transition pathway to Development or Squad levels for those looking at competitive swimming. 

Aqua Culture Swim is not currently NDIS registered therefore classes are only available to those swimmers with self-managed or agency-managed funds. 

Prices range depending on the level. Assessments are not required for these classes. A screening form will be emailed to you upon enrolment. 

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