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We accept ACTIVE KIDS and FIRST LAP vouchers!

What you need to know


​       2 new purpose-built pools

       15m pool operates at 32.5ºC

       25m pool operates at 28ºC

       Fully accessible facilities

       Lessons cost $24.50 per class  

       Free swim cap for new bookings

       Onsite cafe

       3 hours free parking    

Our philosophy 

At Aqua Culture Swim we have revolutionised a purposeful teaching philosophy founded on three things:


       Water safety

       Kinaesthetic awareness

       Body position

Learning appropriate water safety, survival, and swimming skills drastically enhances a child's safety around water, especially in their formative years. Through effective teaching strategies, consistency in swimming lessons and the appropriate use of teaching aids, the learning process can be rapidly accelerated.

Teaching aids, used in small doses, enhance a swimmer's awareness of correct body position, minimising drag and optimising a swimmer's efficiency in the water. 


They also allow young swimmers to independently move through the water with comfort and ease, increasing the amount of time they are actually moving in a lesson. This enhances a swimmer's kinaesthetic awareness; feel for the water.  


How we teach these three swimming fundamentals is what separates Aqua Culture Swim from others. 

Come and visit to see for yourself!


Aqua Culture Swim Pathways


Find the right class so you can start your swimming journey today! 

To find the right class and secure your preferred class time complete our online assessment form.


Inclusive swimming lessons are available on request!

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